How to read a book perfectly?

 It's easy to read a book. It feels like it should be so easy when the words just fall effortlessly off the page. But too many people fail to take in all the information they could because they spend their time struggling with spacing and punctuation, reading too quickly or repeatedly hesitating over sentences. But don't worry, there are three simple fixes that can help you to read like a pro.

There are three strategies you can employ in order to improve your reading experience and absorb everything that you should from the book:

To get the most out of your reading and understand it perfectly, try these methods:

So, now you know how to read faster and more effectively. Use what you've learned by taking in every word of the book, paying close attention to punctuation.

A blog I follow had a post about this topic, but it was very long and tricky to understand. The author has articulated it perfectly.

I know I know, I shouldn't have put on another coat of polish! Anyway it's a really good read. And at the end you are given the worksheet to help you understand a book better. This is for people who want to get out of their comfort zone by reading things which they don't usually like.